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Large-insert bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) libraries, plant-transformation-competent binary BAC (BIBAC) libraries, and simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers are essential for many aspects of genomics research. We constructed a BAC library and a BIBAC library from the nuclear DNA of chickpea, Cicer arietinum L., cv. Hadas, partially digested with(More)
One of the most exciting proposals to emerge from the study of high-Tc superconductors is that Landau's Fermi liquid theory (FLT) breaks down in the metallic state above Tc [1]. This would have profound implications, since FLT provides the foundation for our current understanding of metals, together with systems as diverse as liquid 3 He and nuclear matter(More)
  • Andrew Verstein, BENCHMARK MANIPULATION, +32 authors Joan MacLeod
  • 2016
Substantial scholarship has questioned whether market manipulation is impossible and regulation unnecessary. This Article challenges orthodox un-derstandings of manipulation, showing that they reflect an obsolete view of markets. While manipulation skeptics discuss prices, markets focus on benchmarks of price—and so do the manipulators who prey upon them.(More)
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