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Synchronized phasor measurements have become a mature technology with several international manufacturers offering commercial phasor measurement units (PMUs) which meet the prevailing industry standard for synchrophasors. With the occurrence of major blackouts in many power systems around the world, the value of data provided by PMUs has been recognized,(More)
This paper presents the idea of a partitioned linear state estimator (PLSE) as an alternative to the classical linear state estimator (LSE). PLSE is found to be especially useful for performing state estimation in large systems comprising of multiple entities. The best example of this is different utilities functioning under an independent system operator(More)
A growing dependence on foreign oil, along with a heightened concern over the environmental impact of personal transportation, had led the U. S. government to investigate and sponsor research into advanced transportation concepts. One of these future technologies is the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), typically featuring both an internal combustion engine(More)
A key input parameter to governor feedback control and stability protection of generators is the angle of the induced voltage internal to the generator. Current practice is to estimate this value using measurements from the terminals of the generator and mathematical models. This project aims to develop a system that would directly measure the internal(More)
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