Jaime Chowaniec

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OBJECTIVES Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have a reduced life expectancy due to increased cardiovascular disease. The lack of a suitable animal model resembling both RA and atherosclerosis has hindered studies demonstrating a direct link between systemic inflammation in RA and the development of atherosclerosis. Our objective was to overcome this(More)
Male and female Wistar rats were administered sodium saccharin for life (2 yr) either in the drinking water or diet. The maximum palatable dose of saccharin in the drinking water was found to be 2 g/kg/day and, even then, there was some voluntary restriction of fluid intake in the males. By contrast, double this dose--namely 4 g/kg/day, was palatable in the(More)
The importance of the contaminant OTS in the promoting activity of commercial saccharin on rat bladder neoplasia was investigated. OTS, OTS-free and OTS-contaminated saccharin were administered in the drinking water or diet for 2 years to groups of rats pretreated with an intravesical instillation of MNU; OTS alone and OTS-free saccharin were also given to(More)
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