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A key area of focus in recent Computer Science education research has been block-based programming. In this approach, program instructions are represented as visual blocks with shapes that control the way multiple instructions can be combined. Since programs are created by dragging and connecting blocks, the focus is on the program's logic rather than its(More)
The rich data generated and read by millions of users on social media tells what is happening in the real world in a rapid and accurate fashion. In recent years many researchers have explored real-time streaming data from Twitter for a broad range of applications, including predicting stock markets and public health trend. In this paper we design,(More)
Cyberbullying is the most common online risk for adolescents, and it has been reported that over half of young people do not tell their parents when it occurs. Cyberbullying involves the deliberate use of online digital media to communicate false or embarrassing information about another person. While previous work has extensively analyzed the nature and(More)
Similarity Joins are extensively used in multiple application domains and are recognized among the most useful data processing and analysis operations. They retrieve all data pairs whose distances are smaller than a predefined threshold ε. While several standalone implementations have been proposed, very little work has addressed the implementation of(More)
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