Jaime Catchen

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The advent of novel materials (such as conductive fibers) combined with accessible embedded computing platforms have made it possible to re-imagine the landscapes of fabric and electronic crafts--extending these landscapes with the creative range of electronic/computational textiles or <i>e-textiles</i>. This paper describes the <i>LilyPad Arduino</i>, a(More)
Evolutionary origins of derived morphologies ultimately stem from changes in protein structure, gene regulation, and gene content. A well-assembled, annotated reference genome is a central resource for pursuing these molecular phenomena underlying phenotypic evolution. We explored the genome of the Gulf pipefish (Syngnathus scovelli), which belongs to(More)
For many researchers, next generation sequencing data holds the key to answering a category of questions previously unassailable. One of the important and challenging steps in achieving these goals is accurately assembling the massive quantity of short sequencing reads into full nucleic acid sequences. For research groups working with non-model or wild(More)
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