Jaime Carpio

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Keywords: Climate Nonlinear diffusive energy balance model Non-degenerate solution Finite elements 2-sphere a b s t r a c t The purpose of this paper is to carry out the mathematical and numerical analysis of a two-dimensional nonlinear parabolic problem on a compact Riemannian manifold without boundary, which arises in the energy balance for the averaged(More)
We present a finite element algorithm of a climate diagnostic model that takes as a climate indicator the atmospheric sea-level temperature. This model belongs to the category of energy balance models introduced independently by the climatologists M.I. Budyko and W.D. Sellers in 1969 to study the influence of certain geophysical mechanisms on the Earth(More)
Online learning tools, such as courseware, learning management system, assessment tools, virtual, and remote laboratories are used in blended and distance learning. These online tools, Apart from being able to provide learning activities, allow displaying learning resources such as web pages, pdf or doc files and multimedia contents. This paper describes(More)
Asynchronous induction motors are actually the most used in rail vehicle traction chains. Although more reliable and robust than dc motors, they are vulnerable to insulation failures, particularly in dirty environments. The dirt accumulated inside motors is one the main causes of insulation failure. Excessive accumulation of dirt blocks in ventilation vents(More)
The implementation of the European Higher Education Area offers us an excellent opportunity for discussing university teaching. It also enables the examination of new competence-based methodological models applied to the teaching of engineering. In the professional world nowadays, graduate engineers are not only required to have solid theoretical and(More)
When connected in small amounts, the impact of distributed generation on distribution system stability is negligible. However, if its penetration level becomes higher, distributed generation may start to influence the dynamic behavior of the system as a whole. The paper presents a mathematical representation of a solid oxide fuel cell plant that is suitable(More)
Solid oxide fuel cell system has exceptional potential for electric power generation. For the design of a large capacity inverter, inverter loss reduction and harmonic reduction have been important considerations. This paper presents the design of a new fuzzy logic regulator for a three-phase inverter using the strategy of inverter flux vector control(More)