Jaime Calle-Sánchez

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The volume of traffi c generated in indoor environments is increasing exponentially, and emerging femtocell networks are being deployed to meet associated challenges. These specifi c in-building deployments provide an opportunity for improving the performance of indoor positioning systems. Femtocell networks can be used to support accurate and reliable(More)
In this article, a novel approach to deal with the design of in-building wireless networks deployments is proposed. This approach known as MOQZEA (Multiobjective Quality Zone Based Evolutionary Algorithm) is a hybrid evolutionary algorithm adapted to use a novel fitness function, based on the definition of quality zones for the different objective functions(More)
This paper assesses the main challenges associated with the propagation and channel modeling of broadband radio systems in a complex environment of high speed and metropolitan railways. These challenges comprise practical simulation, modeling interferences, radio planning, test trials and performance evaluation in different railway scenarios using Long Term(More)
Railway environments cannot be away from the current evolution of public communication systems. The Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile communication system is considered to be the natural evolution for current Global System for Mobile Communications Railways (GSM-R). LTE all IP networking technology plays a key role for the integration and convergence of(More)
Nowadays the number of vehicular users demanding mobile data services greatly increases due to the high penetration rate of smart phones, laptops and tablets. Under this scope, the 3GPP working group for LTE standardization, is paying more attention on vehicular scenarios, like railways environments. The proposed solution for improving performance in high(More)
Nowadays interest has grown in using Mobile Relay Station (MRS) system to provide cellular coverage to the onboard users in public transport, particularly in High Speed Trains (HSTs) due to high penetration rate of portable electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. In the railway scenarios, when the signal propagates into the train, it(More)
In enterprise scenarios, multi-femtocell deployments can be carried out to improve indoor services performance. In this environment, a detailed cell planning can be made in order to optimize network performance. To solve optimization problems in wireless networks, many techniques have been proposed, typically taking the number of base stations to be(More)