Jaime C Smal

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BACKGROUND Various studies have shown an association between low birth weight and the prevalence of elevated blood pressure later in life. However, a relationship between birth weight and blood pressure in the neonatal period has not been investigated yet. OBJECTIVE To study the relationship between birth weight and blood pressure during the first week of(More)
OBJECTIVE We describe the clinical course of an infant who presented with severe fetal anemia and fetal hydrops following congenital parvovirus B19 infection before 16 gestational weeks. The fetus was treated by cordocentesis and intrauterine transfusion at 18 weeks. RESULTS The infant demonstrated mild unilateral ventriculomegaly on antenatal magnetic(More)
Cerebral sinovenous thrombosis is a possible cause of neonatal seizures. It can be demonstrated by neuroradiological Doppler ultrasound or MRI/MRV. Maternal, perinatal and neonatal factors all contribute to the development of sinovenous thrombosis. It is important to identify these factors and, if necessary and possible, to start treatment. Anticoagulation(More)
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