Jaime Bayona-Prieto

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In this study we demonstrate that myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease strongly identified with deficient acetylcholine receptor transmission at the post-synaptic neuromuscular junction, is accompanied by a profound loss of olfactory function. Twenty-seven MG patients, 27 matched healthy controls, and 11 patients with polymiositis, a disease with(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The motor-evoked potential (MEP) induced by transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), its recruitment and the conditioning effects of weak stimuli in Parkinson's disease (PD) have shown contradictory results. The aim of this study is to definitively establish the influences of PD on the TMS-evoked MEP. METHODS We investigated resting(More)
Since ancient times, several cultures including those from China, Egypt, India and Rome gave rigid solutions to improve physical problems of affected people by several neurological disorders. These measures were applied, at that time, by individuals prepared for doing such task. It evolved throughout the years supported by the discovery and comprehension of(More)
Blinking is a normal human phenomenon involving trigeminal and facial pathways. To gain understanding on the neurobiology of blinking, five normal subjects were investigated before and after application of transdermal capsaicin at the forehead for two weeks. No effects of topical capsaicin were detected in eye blink rates. However, when capsaicin was(More)
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Introduction: Current available knowledge does not delineate the relative contribution of cortical and/or subcortical mechanisms in the development of the various symptoms of schizophrenia. Methods: We propose here to employ a battery of functional neurological studies to be done in the earliest phase of manifest schizophrenia combining transcranial(More)
Olfaction is critical to the hedonic appreciation of foods, caloric regulation of food intake, quality of life and taste preferences since birth. However, malnutrition in newborns down-regulates chemosensory function. Thus, olfactory measures might be used as early markers of chemosensory dysfunction in malnutrition, and may also be useful in assessing(More)
Latin American scientists are making tremendous efforts to conduct good-quality research worthy of being published internationally. However, Colciencias, an entity created to support this research in Colombia, introduced scienciometric evaluations which had been re-evaluated elsewhere some time ago, based on measurements of aspects such as the ill-termed(More)