Jaime Arguello

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Web search providers often include search services for domain-specific subcollections, called verticals, such as news, images, videos, job postings, company summaries, and artist profiles. We address the problem of vertical selection, predicting relevant verticals (if any) for queries issued to the search engine's main web search page. In contrast to prior(More)
Blog feed search poses different and interesting challenges from traditional ad hoc document retrieval. The units of retrieval, the blogs, are collections of documents, the blog posts. In this work we adapt a state-of-the-art federated search model to the feed retrieval task, showing a significant improvement over algorithms based on the best performing(More)
In this article we describe the emerging area of text classification research focused on the problem of collaborative learning process analysis both from a broad perspective and more specifically in terms of a publicly available tool set called TagHelper tools. Analyzing the variety of pedagogically valuable facets of learners’ interactions is a time(More)
People come to online communities seeking information, encouragement, and conversation. When a community responds, participants benefit and become more committed. Yet interactions often fail. In a longitudinal sample of 6,172 messages from 8 Usenet newsgroups, 27% of posts received no response. The information context, posters' prior engagement in the(More)
We explore several different document representation models and two query expansion models for the task of recommending blogs to a user in response to a query. Blog relevance ranking differs from traditional document ranking in ad-hoc information retrieval in several ways: (1) the unit of output (the blog) is composed of a collection of documents (the blog(More)
Aggregated search is the task of incorporating results from different specialized search services, or verticals, into Web search results. While most prior work focuses on deciding which verticals to present, the task of deciding where in the Web results to embed the vertical results has received less attention. We propose a methodology for evaluating an(More)
This paper presents our system and results for the Feed Distillation task in the Blog track at TREC 2007. Our experiments focus on two dimensions of the task: (1) a large-document model (feed retrieval) vs. a small-document model (entry or post retrieval) and (2) a novel query expansion method using the link structure and link text found within Wikipedia.
Aggregated search is the task of integrating results from potentially multiple specialized search services, or verticals, into the Web search results. The task requires predicting not only which verticals to present (the focus of most prior research), but also predicting where in the Web results to present them (i.e., above or below the Web results, or(More)
We describe a collaborative search system called Results Space to support small groups of users in conducting asynchronous collaborative searches. We discuss the design of the system and present results from a laboratory evaluation. We also describe the development of an asynchronous collaborative task scenario (based on a task from the TREC Robust test(More)