Jaime Alvarez-Jacobs

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In the fermentation process of tequila, the type of yeast strain, the temperature (30 or 35°C) and the C/N ratio (62 or 188) had a significant influence in the level of higher alcohols produced. On the contrary, other parameters like nitrogen source [urea or (NH)SO] and inoculum amount (5% or 10%), have little or no influence on the production of the(More)
Salmonella typhimurium LT-2, as Escherichia coli K12, was able to grow in a potassium concentration-dependent manner, down to a very low concentration (< 5 microM). Its metabolic swelling also was [K+]-dependent. When the cells were subjected to hyperosmotic shock, this ion was uptaken rapidly, probably due to a K(+)-high affinity transport-system, similar(More)
Two systems for l-glutamate transport were found in Salmonella typhimurium LT-2 GltU+ (glutamate utilization) mutants. The first one is similar to the glt system previously described in Escherichia coli; by transductional analysis the structural gene, gltS, coding for the transport protein was located at minute 80 of the chromosome as part of the operon(More)
An ethionine resistant, methionine-overproducingEscherichia coli mutant was transformed with plasmids bearing DNA isolated from aPseudomonas acidovorans, lysine-overproducing strain, with a feedback-insensitive aspartokinase. The resulting transformants overproduced both lysine and methionine.
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