Jaime Alemany

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Insulin and insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) stimulate overall growth and development of the chick embryo in early organogenesis. Turning to individual organs, to clarify the cellular effects of these peptides and the activity of the receptors involved, we had demonstrated with developing lens that insulin and IGF-I increase the accumulation of(More)
Mobile robots are nowadays capable of navigating in a semi-structured environment, either alone or in formations. Dealing with mobile obstacles, e.g. persons, in everyday environments poses additional challenges which are being addressed by the research community. This paper presents an experiment with a set of robots -acting as a swarm- and one person. The(More)
RPN (Robotic Programming Network) is an initiative to bring existing remote robot laboratories to a new dimension, by adding the flexibility and power of writing ROS code in an Internet browser and running it in the remote robot with a single click. The code is executed in the robot server at full speed, i.e. without any communication delay, and the output(More)
In this video we present a work in progress in the UJI (i.e. the acronym for University Jaume I) robotics telelaboratory. This telelaboratory uses a remote control system based on networked robots and FPGAs technology. The main devices included in this cell are: a SCARA manipulator (AdeptOne), a robot arm with six degrees of freedom (Motoman), an industrial(More)
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