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Mycobacterium bovis is a slowly growing microorganism, and confirmation of the diagnosis by conventional culture is a lengthy process. A simple, rapid method for the extraction of DNA from bovine tissue samples was developed and used in a PCR designed for the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Tissues from 81 cattle from tuberculosis-infected herds (group 1) and 19(More)
Two different Spanish populations, one from Galicia (NW Spain) and the other from the rest of Spain, have been analyzed at three different hypervariable loci (YNH24, MS43a and MS31) using the EDNAP electrophoretic protocol and HinfI as restriction enzyme. Although the "rest of Spain" population is a clearly stratified population using classical blood(More)
Mobile robots are nowadays capable of navigating in a semi-structured environment, either alone or in formations. Dealing with mobile obstacles, e.g. persons, in everyday environments poses additional challenges which are being addressed by the research community. This paper presents an experiment with a set of robots -acting as a swarm- and one person. The(More)
A case of illegal cattle purchasing is presented. Basque country police submitted six blood samples: three from the allegedly stolen animals and three from the putative mothers. Four polymorphic DNA loci were analyzed to establish the parental relationship. From the case investigation the maternity of the alleged cattle was determined.
To examine the possible existence of changes in the adrenal catecholaminergic activity during aging, we analyzed the adrenal content of catecholamines (CA) and the activities of selected enzymes involved in their metabolism as well as the basal and the K+-stimulated release of these CA in incubated adrenal tissue of aged (greater than 22 months) and young(More)
The therapy concept of topical factor XIII application was developed on the basis of clinical and experimental investigations on improvement of wound healing, as well as on the morphological and pathophysiological topical site of venous ulcers. Topical treatment with factor XIII is special with regard to mode of application as well as efficacy, since a lot(More)
The identification of specific periodontal pathogens by conventional methods, mainly anaerobic cultivation, is difficult, time consuming and even sometimes unreliable. Therefore, a multiplex PCR method for simultaneous detection of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans (A.a.), Porphyromona gingivalis (P.g.) and Prevotella intermedia (P.i.) was developed for(More)
RPN (Robotic Programming Network) is an initiative to bring existing remote robot laboratories to a new dimension, by adding the flexibility and power of writing ROS code in an Internet browser and running it in the remote robot with a single click. The code is executed in the robot server at full speed, i.e. without any communication delay, and the output(More)
In two patients with femoral arterio-venous fistulae angiography could show arterial and venous collaterals with differing circulation phases. When angiography shows retrograde flow in the artery distal to the fistula, the volume of arterial collateral circulation is unrelated to the peripheral blood-supply. Venous collateral circulation has to be included(More)