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Resumen— A second order sliding mode controller, the so-called " Twisting " algorithm is under study. A non-smooth strict Lyapunov function is proposed, so global finite time stability for this algorithm can be proved, even in the case when it is affected by bounded external perturbations. The strict Lyapunov function gives the possibility to estimate an(More)
Resumen— Observation problem for systems governed by Partial Differential Equations (PDE) has been a research eld of its own for a long time. In this paper it is presented an observer design for a class or parabolic PDE's using sliding modes theory and bacstepping-like procedure in order to achieve exponential convergence. A Volterra-like integral(More)
—The differentiators based on the Super-Twisting Algorithm (STA) yield finite-time and theoretically exact convergence to the derivative of the input signal, whenever this derivative is Lipschitz. However, the convergence time grows unboundedly when the initial conditions of the differentiation error grow. In this paper a Uniform Robust Exact Differentiator(More)
—In this paper a novel, Lyapunov-based, variable-gain super-twisting algorithm is proposed. It ensures for linear time invariant systems the global, finite-time convergence to the desired sliding surface, when the matched perturbations/uncertainties are Lipschitz-continuous functions of time, that are bounded, together with their derivatives, by known(More)
In this paper a linear framework is proposed for the analysis and design of stable and robust stable Generalized Super-Twisting Algorithms (GSTA). The GSTA includes a linear version of the algorithm, the standard STA and a STA with extra linear correction terms, that provide more robustness and convergence velocity. This linear framework allows to construct(More)