Jaime A. Hernandez

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This paper presents an algorithm called CSP-VRPTW for the Vehicles Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW), which applies the PCP method (Precedence Constraint Posting) used for models of scheduling as a CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problem). PCP involves the calculation of the shortest path in partial and global form, between pairs of nodes and among all(More)
— The design of portable systems for remote monitoring of cardiac activity is one of the most important fields in telemedicine and telecare. In this paper we present a low cost, portable system with wireless transmission for real time ECG acquisition, archiving and visualization both in a mobile phone and a PC. We have implemented the acquisition module and(More)
This paper presents an algorithm that applies a new mechanism in order to generate scheduling which allows for evaluation of the quality of solutions that are obtained in the Job Shop Scheduling Problem (JSSP). In this research, the quality of the solution is evaluated by using the makespan as an objective function. It is demonstrated experimentally that(More)
In a multiagent system (MAS), agents can have different opinions about a given problem. In order to solve the problem collectively they have to reach consensus about the ontology of the problem. A solution to probabilistic reasoning in such an environment by using a social network of trust is given. It is shown that frame logic can be annotated and(More)
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