Jaime A. Hernandez

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In this paper a process of creating ontologies system based on other existing ontologies is described, in order to response biomedical spatial queries on the Web. GeOntoMex is a Mexican spatial ontology, which is structured according to its political-administrative division, in addition, axioms are defined to represent the spatial relationships between(More)
In today's era, social media has become a valuable source of information, where people express their opinions. Analysis of such opinion-related data can provide productive insights. When these opinions are relevant to a company, accurate analysis can provide them with information like product quality, influencers affecting other customer decisions, early(More)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and services describe formalized knowledge from spatial domain. GIS use spatial data referring to places names (toponyms) in a geographical space, which could be ambiguous. Ontologies allow support for storing information in this context, providing a structure which defines the data integration and also supports toponyms(More)
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