Jailab K. Rai

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A new simple and sensitive analytical spectrophotometric method is developed for the determination of ascorbic acid reduces methyl viologen to form a stable blue coloured free radical ion. This method has a sensitivity and lower limit detection of 0.1mugml(-1) of ascorbic acid (0.1ppm) which is comparable to the flow injection analysis reported earlier.(More)
Multi function radar with fully active aperture phased array antenna uses large number of coaxial and signal cables for distribution of radar waveforms. Coaxial and data cables are spread over entire antenna structure to control amplitude and phase of transmit and receive beams. Feasibility of adapting microwave photonics to distribute microwave signals has(More)
The paper identifies and highlights gaps in protected area (PA) legal provisions in Nepal and makes a case for timely reformulation of legal framework to suit the new socioeconomic and political contexts. Laws concerning PAs are examined against the contexts of international agreements, conventions, and accepted standards as well as the local ground(More)
This paper presents a feasibility analysis of microwave photonic links for signal distribution in active aperture radar. Phased array radar antenna uses large number of transmit/receive modules spread over the entire physical area of antenna. The received echo signal is processed with the help of various microwave and data signals. This requires(More)
Organophosphorus insecticides, monocrotophos and dichlrovos are increasingly being used in agriculture to control insects on a wide range of crops. Their ready access has resulted in misuse in many instances of homicidal and suicidal poisoning cases. This paper describes about a chromogenic spray reagent for the detection/determination of monocrophos and(More)
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