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Although it is acknowledged that providing an elderly relative with informal assistance can be stressful and burdensome, previous research does not provide clear evidence of the impact of informal caregiving on the physical and mental health of caregivers. The objective of this research was to compare health indicators of coresidents of elderly people who(More)
Concept mapping is a powerful research tool using visual representation to expose the complementary impact and synergy of factors affecting a specific process. This article outlines an example, in the domain of mental health, of concept mapping applied to the specific issue of readmissions or recidivism of mental health patients. Concept mapping is used to(More)
BACKGROUND Health care is changing with a new emphasis on patient-centeredness. Fundamental to this transformation is the increasing recognition of patients' role in health care delivery and design. Medical appointment scheduling, as the starting point of most non-urgent health care services, is undergoing major developments to support active involvement of(More)
This article is about the relation between, on the one hand, support provided by third parties and, on the other, the burden and the depression experienced by the main female supporters who care for the elderly suffering from physical or cognitive problems. The authors examine the hypothesis that social support is not homogeneous across the board and that(More)
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