Jaidhar C. D.

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With the exponential growth of Internet users, various business transactions take place over an insecure channel. To secure these transactions, authentication is the primary step that needs to be passed. To overcome the problems associated with traditional password based authentication methods, smart card authentication schemes have been widely used.(More)
In Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) broadcasting, service providers charge subscription fee by scrambling the program in Conditional Access System (CAS). This avoids unauthorized users to receive the programs. A smart card (CA card) is used to decrypt the Control Words (CWs) and transfer them back to Set-Top Box (STB) in order to descramble the scrambled(More)
Cloud computing is a recently developed technology for complex systems with services sharing among various registered users. Therefore, proper mutual authentication is needed between users and cloud server prior to avail the services provided by cloud servers. Recently, Hao et al. [26] proposed time-bound ticketbased mutual authentication scheme for cloud(More)
Due to a rapid revaluation in a virtualization environment, Virtual Machines (VMs) are target point for an attacker to gain privileged access of the virtual infrastructure. The Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) such as malware, rootkit, spyware, etc. are more potent to bypass the existing defense mechanisms designed for VM. To address this issue, Virtual(More)
New edition vehicles are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) device which provides the vehicle position in the form of latitude and longitude, this position is used as a location_id of the vehicle at time t during routing in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET). The location_ids are susceptible to have an error in position due to several factors such(More)