Jai Prakash Verma

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Recommendation system provides the facility to understand a person's taste and find new, desirable content for them automatically based on the pattern between their likes and rating of different items. In this paper, we have proposed a recommendation system for the large amount of data available on the web in the form of ratings, reviews, opinions,(More)
Big Data analytics helps the enterprises and institutions to understand and identify the usability of large amount of data generated by their routine operations. All most third forth part of these types of data is semi-structured text data. Many types of actionable insights can be found from these type of semi-structured text data that can help strategic(More)
Computer aided evaluation systems are generally considered objective types of questionnaires. Evaluation based on subjective answer is consider a problem under text analytics, where text answer will be compare with available correct text answer. This paper is emphasizing the issues of computer aided automated assessment and proposing a model for handling(More)
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