Jai Prakash Singh

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Background. Duplication of the alimentary tract is a rare congenital anomaly. Gastric duplication cysts (GDCs) represent 4% of all alimentary tract duplications, and approximately 67% manifest within the first year of life. Duplication cysts in adults are generally encountered as incidental findings at endoscopy or laparotomy. Herein, we report two rare(More)
India is still by far the major producer of various fruit crops, but its relative share in the world production has been gradually declining. Alternate bearer fruit cultivars present a serious economic problem to fruit growers. An alternate bearing plant is the one that does not bear a regular crop year-after-year; rather heavy yields are followed by(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is considered the world's oldest metabolic disorder. It is not a single disease entity, but a syndrome with many causes including combination of genetic, nutritional and sociological factors. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers obesity as "Insidious, creeping pandemic which is now engulfing the entire world". Diet and life-style(More)
In the present clinical study, 63 patients of Amavata were registered from the Kayachikitsa out patient department/indoor patient department (OPD/IPD) of Sir Sunder Lal Hospital (Indian Medicine Wing), IMS, BHU, Varanasi-5. In group I (Rasona Pinda), 27 patients completed the study of a total of 33patients registered in the group (six patients dropped out(More)
  • Lawrence Snyder, D E Culler, J P Singh, Morgan Kaufmann
  • 1999
• There is a survey to fill out on the web page • Text book: Parallel Computer Architecture: A hardware/software approach, Usually when we formulate a computation, we think of a sequential solution. Good parallel computations rarely result from transforming a sequential solution. A paradigm shift is required. So, it is essential to acquire a " parallel(More)
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