Jai Parakash Singh

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BACKGROUND An important factor contributing to the high mortality in patients with severe head trauma is cerebral hypoxia. The mechanical ventilation helps both by reduction in the intracranial pressure and hypoxia. Ventilatory support is also required in these patients because of patient's inability to protect the airway, persistence of excessive(More)
BACKGROUND Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) is an integral part of multi-modality approach in the management of locally advanced breast cancer. It is vital to predict response to chemotherapy in order to tailor the regime for a particular patient. The prediction would help in avoiding the toxicity induced by an ineffective chemotherapeutic regime in a(More)
BACKGROUND Suction drains are routinely used after modified radical mastectomy and are an important factor contributing to increased hospital stay as the patients are often discharged only after their removal. Amongst various factors that influence the amount of postoperative drainage, the negative suction pressure applied to the drain has been reported to(More)
BACKGROUND Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy is an integral part of multi-modality approach in the management of locally advanced breast cancer and it is vital to predict the response in order to tailor the regime for a patient. The common final pathway in the tumor cell death is believed to be apoptosis or programmed cell death and chemotherapeutic drugs like(More)
BACKGROUND Squamous cell carcinoma of the scrotum is rare and its development in the scar of Fournier's gangrene is still rarer. CASE PRESENTATION A 65-year-old gentleman presented with a small non-healing ulcer developing on right hemi-scrotum two years after the treatment for Fournier's gangrene. On histological examination it was found to be squamous(More)
The need for a rapid diagnosis of the cervical lymphnodes presenting to the surgeon in the out patient department resulted in this study. A total of 123 cases were studied to evaluate Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology as a diagnostic procedure and a diagnostic accuracy of 89.77 per cent was achieved in tubercular lymphnodes. FNAC along with Mantoux test and(More)
INTRODUCTION Elephantiasis as a result of chronic lymphedema is characterized by gross enlargement of the arms, legs or genitalia, and occurs due to a variety of obstructive diseases of the lymphatic system. Genital elephantiasis usually follows common filariasis and lymphogranuloma venereum. It may follow granuloma inguinale, carcinomas, lymph node(More)
In this study twenty two operated cryptorchids were followed up (average period 12.02 years) and various indices of function like size, semen analysis and histology were assessed. FNAC as an index of spermatogenic potential of testis was added and compared with other investigations. The fertility potential in operated unilateral cryptorchids was 86.7(More)
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