Jai-Hyung Lee

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Changes in intracellular Ca2+ level are involved in a number of intracellular events, including triggering of apoptosis. The role of intracellular calcium mobilization in cisplatin-induced hair cell death, however, is still unknown. In this study, the effect of calcium channel blocker flunarizine (Sibelium), which is used to prescribe for vertigo and(More)
We report the first direct observation of an exceptional point (EP) in an open quantum composite of a single atom and a high-Q cavity mode. The atom-cavity coupling constant was made a continuous variable by utilizing the multisublevel nature of a single rubidium atom when it is optimally coupled to the cavity mode. The spectroscopic properties of(More)
We report observation of lasing in the scarred modes in an asymmetrically deformed microcavity made of liquid jet. The observed scarred modes correspond to morphology-dependent resonance of radial mode order 3 with their Q values in the range of 10(6). Emission directionality is also observed, corresponding to a hexagonal unstable periodic orbit.
We investigate the dynamics of a novel multiwavelength generator in which cascaded-stimulated Brillouin scattering and Rayleigh scattering are automatically balanced to given an evenly spaced (9.4-GHz), highly flattened (<3-dB) optical frequency comb over a 57.2-nm span. The extended effective length for the relevant nonlinear processes from the distributed(More)
We present both experimental and theoretical evidence for uncertainty-limited turnstile transport in deformed microcavities. As the degree of cavity deformation was increased, a secondary peak gradually emerged in the far-field emission patterns to form a double-peak structure. Our observation can be explained in terms of the interplay between turnstile(More)
We have measured the second-order correlation function of the cavity-QED microlaser output and observed a transition from photon bunching to antibunching with increasing average number of intracavity atoms. The observed correlation times and the transition from super- to sub-Poisson photon statistics can be well described by gain-loss feedback or(More)
Tenfold enhancement in the pumping efficiency has been observed at a properly chosen pumping angle and a position in chaos-assissted nonresonant optical pumping of a deformed microcavity laser. The pumping efficiency distribution resembles the output emission intensity distribution of the deformed microcavity, consistent with the concept of the(More)
We have developed a simple technique for controlling the number of a few Rb atoms in a magneto-optical trap based on a magnetic-fieldgradient feedback mechanism for suppressing stochastic loading and loss events. The occupation probability of single atom was observed to be as high as 93.5%. Two and three atoms were also trapped with high occupation(More)
By using direct event-counting with atom-number feedback we investigated the loading rate of a magneto-optical trap as a function of the magnetic field gradient. We also studied the one- and two-atom loss rates as functions of trap laser intensity. All measurements were performed with a precisely prepared initial number of atoms.
We have observed a high Raman gain in a quasi-stationary state realized by a single strong-pulsed-pump laser. The Raman gain, originating from the population inversion in the dressed state picture, was as large as 1700% in a Lambda system of three fine-structure levels of atomic samarium, corresponding to a gain cross section comparable with the linear(More)