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We demonstrate an advanced ReRAM based analog artificial synapse for neuromorphic systems. Nitrogen doped TiN/PCMO based artificial synapse is proposed to improve the performance and reliability of the neuromorphic systems by using simple identical spikes. For the first time, we develop fully unsupervised learning with proposed analog synapses which is(More)
We propose a new strategy to recognize the maximum subcube in an n-cube multiprocessor. This subcube recognition algorithm can be done in both serial and parallel and analyzed. This strategy will enhance the performance drastically so that our algorithm will outperform the buddy system by a factor <subscrpt>n</subscrpt>C<subscrpt>k</subscrpt>, the gray(More)
In this paper we describe an optimal fault-tolerant broadcasting algorithm in the presence of n-1 faulty processors in the hypercube multiprocessor. This algorithm takes log<subscrpt>2</subscrpt>(N)+1 steps to broadcast the message to all other processors. Our broadcasting algorithm is a procedure by which a processor can pass a message to all other(More)
Simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) can be an essential technology for health monitoring. In this paper, the mutual coupling effect for SWIPT is presented with mathematical analysis and simulation results. With two dipole antennas arranged, the total received power for energy harvesting can be maximized as much as 5.6825 &#x03BC;W,(More)
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