Jai E. Jung

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Discovering content and stories in movies is one of the most important concepts in research studies. To consider how to efficiently determine the relationships between characters, we focus on the appearance of each character during movie play and analyze the characters’ relationships to build a CoCharNet, a social network, to determine characters’(More)
With a large amount of data (e.g., ratings and feedbacks) obtained from social media (e.g., TripAdvisor), smart tourism applications and services have been studied to understand the contexts of users. More particularly, in this work, we have been focusing on “cultural tourism” service by automatically identifying and ranking cultural things (e.g.,(More)
Social network services (e.g., Twitter and Facebook) can be regarded as social sensors which can capture a number of events in the society. Particularly, in terms of time and space, various smart devices have improved the accessibility to the social network services. In this paper, we present a social software platform to detect a number of meaningful(More)
This paper presents a system that analyzes the sentiment of figurative language contained in short texts collected from Social Networking Services (SNS). This case study sources information from tweets on Twitter and calculates the polarity of the figurative language with three different categories (i.e., sarcastic, ironic, and metaphorical tweets). As in(More)