Jahrain Jackson

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The exponential growth in data storage capacity and collection are beginning to strain the limits of traditional web-based visualization solutions. Remote rendering is a solution that can address the bandwidth limitations of visualizing large datasets over the Internet. In this paper, we have proposed a remote visualization system architecture using web(More)
A nonlinear cooperative control problem involving several vehicles is detailed and solved. The vehicles must be assigned to perform many tasks such that they obey constraints on the order of task completion and minimize a nonlinear objective function, the total time to finish all tasks. This is an example of a combinatorial task assignment problem. A novel(More)
Over the past few years, there has been a strong and growing interest in faster network technologies such as FDDI and ATM. However, the perceived throughput at the application level has not always increased accordingly. Various performance bottlenecks have been encountered each of which has to be analysed and corrected. This paper presents a performance(More)
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