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Recently, due to the prevalence of various mobile devices and broadband wireless networks, there has been a significant increase in interest and demand for multimedia streaming services such as the mobile IPTV. In order to deploy a mobile IPTV service in wireless broadband networks, offering users efficient wireless resource utilization and seamlessly(More)
To be able to deploy the mobile IPTV service, energy efficiency is an important design consideration due to the limited battery lifetime of mobile devices. Moreover, the Scalable Video Coding (SVC) scheme, which allows for data rate adaptation without reencoding, should also be considered for supporting a variety of mobile devices. This paper proposes a new(More)
The existing QoS mechanisms for video streaming are short of the consideration for various user environments and the characteristic of streaming applying programs. In order to overwhelm this problem, studies on the video streaming protocols exploiting scalable video coding (SVC), which provide spatial, temporal, and qualitative scalability in video coding,(More)
Mobile WiMAX can provide high-speed wireless access to mobile users. It also supports applications and services with diverse QoS (Quality of Service) requirements. However, it does not guarantee media quality for multimedia streaming services using scalable video coding schemes, because it does not consider essential characteristics of video coding(More)
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