Jaheda Khanam

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The RNA World hypothesis is central to many current theories regarding the origin and early evolution of life. However, the formation of RNA by plausible prebiotic reactions remains problematic. Formidable challenges include glycosidic bond formation between ribose and the canonical nucleobases, as well as the inability of nucleosides to mutually select(More)
Oral immunization of rabbits with four doses of 10(11) heat-killed Shigella flexneri 2a showed 100% protection against challenge with virulent S. flexneri 2a. After orally immunizing Guinea pigs with four doses of heat-killed S. flexneri 2a 100% protection could be shown against ocular challenge with the same virulent S. flexneri 2a strain but this(More)
The RNA World hypothesis presupposes that abiotic reactions originally produced nucleotides, the monomers of RNA and universal constituents of metabolism. However, compatible prebiotic reactions for the synthesis of complementary (that is, base pairing) nucleotides and mechanisms for their mutual selection within a complex chemical environment have not been(More)
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