Jahangir Mirza

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have attracted researchers and devel opers in the last decade because of its small size, minimum power consumption and lightweight, having the ability to monitor, measure and communicate over wireless channel in various fields of our daily life. This paper evaluates WSNs applications in agriculture, comparing different(More)
The paper presents a simple algorithm to cull short phrases of interest spoken in a long recorded speech. Listening to a long and boring recording of a suspect who is being wiretapped may irk intelligence investigator if it does not contain any speech segment of interest. It would be much useful if first a preliminary test is run to see if the recorded(More)
The primary focus of this investigation was to analyze sequentially coupled nonlinear thermal stress, using a three-dimensional model. It was meant to shed light on the behavior of Buckling Restraint Brace (BRB) elements with circular cross section, at elevated temperature. Such bracing systems were comprised of a cylindrical steel core encased in a strong(More)
Three algorithms, designed to recognize vowels, are analyzed for their complexity class or growth pattern. First a databank was prepared from Vowel loops of Peterson and Barney [1] which was used for vowel recognition. The above three algorithms produced the same vowel-recognition rate of more than 78% on a given short phrase. This paper submits the result(More)
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