Jahangir Charania

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The human equilibrative nucleoside transporters I and 2 (hENT1, hENT2) share 50% amino acid identity and exhibit broad selectivities, accepting purine and pyrimidine nucleosides as permeants. The permeant selectivity of hENT2 is less well understood because of the low abundance of the native transporter in cells amenable to functional analysis. Recent(More)
BACKGROUND The interaction between physicians and industry is complex and essential for improvement of medical care. However, conflict of interests may affect decision process. Our aim was to test if promotional visits by industry representatives affect treatment patterns and the use of various stents during percutaneous coronary interventions. METHODS(More)
Bicuspid aortic stenosis (BAS) has been excluded in clinical trials on transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) due to the presumed uneven expansion of the aortic prosthesis, leading to significant paravalvular regurgitation (PVR). There is no transcatheter heart valve (THV) commercially approved for treating BAS. The Lotus Valve System mitigates PVR(More)
BACKGROUND Stent thrombosis (ST) is rare, but is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. METHODS We analyzed data from the British Columbia (BC) Registry from April 2011-January 2012. RESULTS 101 ST cases were reported and verified. Based on timing, ST was considered early (≤30days) in 35.6%, late (>30days-1year) in 17.8% and very late(More)
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