Jagrati Agrawal

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Pattern matching over event streams is increasingly being employed in many areas including financial services, RFIDbased inventory management, click stream analysis, and electronic health systems. While regular expression matching is well studied, pattern matching over streams presents two new challenges: Languages for pattern matching over streams are(More)
Complex event patterns involving Kleene closure are finding application in a variety of stream environments for tracking and monitoring purposes. In this paper, we propose a compact language, SASE+, that can be used to define a wide variety of Kleene closure patterns, analyze the expressive power of the language, and outline an automata-based implementation(More)
Learning behaviour under different glycaemic conditions were studied in albino rats using an avoidance box. When insulin and glucose levels were low after fasting, animals showed delay in avoidance learning. But there was no change in acquisition of learning after hypoglacaemia induced by insulin. This difference in behaviour under hypoglycaemia of almost(More)
Effect of L-thyroxine and carbimazole on brain biogenic amines and amino acids content and circulating levels of thyroid hormones has been investigated in rats. L-thyroxine treatment caused marked elevation of 5-HT, histamine and glutamate along with the decline in the level of GABA whereas administration of carbimazole had a contrary effect on rat(More)
Circulating levels of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5HT), histamine, monoamine oxidase (MAO), histaminase, tri-iodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) were studied in L-thyroxine and carbimazole treated rats. Increased concentrations of 5-HT, histamine, glutamate, T3 and T4 were recorded in L-thyroxine-treated rats while plasma gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), MAO and(More)
Circulating levels of T3, T4, gamma-amino-butyric acid, glutamate, 5-hydroxytryptamine, histamine, monoamine oxidase and histaminase were studied in 45 (25M, 20F) hyperthyroid patients and 46 (25M, 21F) normal healthy volunteers. Increased levels of blood 5-hydroxytryptamine, histamine and glutamic acid were observed along with elevated T3 and T4, whereas(More)
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