Jagjeet Singh

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Majority of the design proposed for under water robots have been either biomimetic or motor driven thruster operated. This paper presents a novel design for a 4 degree of freedom thruster operated under water robot minimizing the effect of drag during under water navigation. In the paper possible hull shapes were analyzed. After deciding the shape, pressure(More)
Edge is the important feature of image. The image edges contain rich knowledge which is very important for finding characteristic of image by object recognition. It is the commonly used technique in image processing.This paper shows a fuzzy rule based algorithm that is capable of finding edges effectively from grey scale images. This paper presents that(More)
The region of image compression since it is applicable to various fields of image processing. The key goal of compression is to cut back the space for storage and decrease the transmission cost and maintain the visual quality of image. This paper presents fundamental approach for analysis and evaluating the image compression techniques. This paper describes(More)
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