Jagdeep Singh Sohal

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Johne's disease (JD) is endemic in goatherds located at Central Institute for Research on Goats, Makhdoom, since 1979 and lately it has been reported from farmer's herds in equal frequencies. Despite using test and slaughter method for the control of JD for more than 25 years in these herds, incidence of JD has not been reduced. Efficacy of 'indigenous(More)
Present pilot study is the first attempt in the country to estimate sero-prevalence of Bovine Johne's disease (BJD) by screening cattle and buffaloes representing large population belonging to farmer's and farm herds in the home tracts (Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Punjab) of Hariana cattle and Murrah buffaloes in North India. Indigenous and in-house plate ELISA(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate and characterize Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) in patients with Crohn's disease, attendants of animals with suspected infection, and healthy humans, using multiple diagnostic tests. METHODS A total of 119 samples (35 stool, 76 serum, three blood clots, and five biopsies) were collected from five patients(More)
Present study is the first attempt to evaluate an indigenous milk ELISA with milk culture, standardize milk PCR, estimate lacto-prevalence of Map and genotype Map DNA from milk samples in few Indian dairy herds. In all 115 cows were sampled from 669 lactating cows in six dairy herds from three districts of North India. Fifty milk samples (four herds) were(More)
OBJECTIVES In this study we aimed to estimate the prevalence of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) in animal attendants who were chronic colitis patients or who had inflammatory bowel disease and were suspected for Crohn's disease; these animal attendants worked with goat herds endemic for Johne's disease. Microscopic examination and(More)
Despite low per-animal productivity of ruminants in developing countries, Johne's disease has not been investigated in buffaloes, which are primarily found in these countries. This is due to lack of expertise, diagnostic kits and priority to production diseases like Johne's disease. Presence of pathogenic Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis(More)
Therapeutic efficacy of an "Indigenous vaccine" has been evaluated with respect to a commercial vaccine (Gudair, Spain), for the control of clinical Johne's disease (JD) in naturally infected goatherds. Seventy-one goats (JD positive) were randomly divided into 3 groups ("Bison", "Gudair" and "Sham-immunized"). After vaccination, goats were monitored for(More)
Country lacks indigenous diagnostic kits against Johne's disease in animals. Indigenous ELISA and IS 900 PCR kits, originally developed for goats and sheep, have been adapted for screening of lactating cows. Multiple diagnostic tests were used to screen 26 lactating dairy cows against Johne's disease. Milk ELISA was evaluated with fecal culture, milk(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the genetic diversity of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) isolates recovered from domestic and wild ruminants, commercial milk, and human beings in North India. METHODS Genotyping of MAP isolates (N=117) recovered from animals, commercial milk, and human beings in different regions of North India between 1998(More)
Efficacy of IS900 blood PCR was evaluated for the presence of MAP infection. Serum, fecal, and blood samples of kids, young, and adult goats from farm and farmer's herds in Mathura district were also screened by ELISA, microscopy and culture. Of 111 goats (kids: 40, young: 14, adults: 57) screened, 77.5% were positive by blood PCR. Of 76 goats, 90.8% (kids:(More)