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The radiation performance of a circular patch microstrip antenna having a concentric diamond shape slot has been presented in this paper. The side lengths and angles of the inserted diamond shape slot have been optimized to achieve a single layer multi frequency microstrip antenna applicable for C band space communication systems. For simulation work, IE3D(More)
Fingerprints are the most universal, unique and persistent biometrics. This study performs the classification of multiple fingerprint images using Hu Moments based Wavelet designing and Modified VZ Classification Algorithm. The proposed work is divided into two stages. One is the wavelet designing stage and second is the classification stage. The use of(More)
In recent years, unspoken words recognition has received substantial attention from both the scientific research communities and the society of multimedia information access networks. Major advancements and wide range of applications in aids for the speech handicapped, speech pathology research, telecom privacy issues, cursor based text to speech,(More)
Fingerprints are the most universal, unique and persistent biometrics. The growing interest and eventually the need for advanced security, privacy and user convenience has put an access to fingerprint recognition, beyond the other biometrics recognition systems. Despite the ingenious methods improvised to increase the efficiency of detection in growing(More)
The detection and classification of epileptic seizures using the Electroencephalography (EEG) signal has been an active field of research from past few decades. EEG is a non-stationary signal that represents electrical activity along the scalp containing very useful information about normal or epileptic brain states. In this paper, principal component(More)
This paper aims to identify unspoken words using facial muscle activity without audible signal. A novel approach of wavelet analysis using different filter coefficients and the performance analysis of each filter coefficients along with classifiers is introduced. The technique is successfully used to classify 5 vowels, month name, weekdays and is not(More)
In recent years numerous specialists exhibit their remarkable energy to cluster based energy efficient routing in Wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In wireless sensor networks, nodes execute on confined force batteries that brings about reducing its lifetime, henceforth WSNs are viewed as a force devouring plan. As the wireless sensor nodes are greatly(More)
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