Jagannathan Venkatesan

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There are several approaches available for creating Web application UI test automation. This paper describes the motivation for creating a new Web application test framework, and briefly describes the architecture and design of the framework. The framework is browser agnostic, easy to use, employs a high level programming language and development(More)
The combination of multiple antennas and multicarrier code division multiple access (MC-CDMA) is a strong candidate for the downlink of future mobile communications. The study of such systems, in scenarios that model real-life transmissions is an additional step towards an optimised achievement. Channel estimation is employed to improve its performance by(More)
Network resources are shared as needed by a community of users. Without effective traffic controls, networks are vulnerable to possible congestion when the offered traffic exceeds the network capacity, leading to serious deterioration of network performance. Network based congestion avoidance which involves managing the queues in the network devices is an(More)
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