Jaganathan Senthilnathan

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Formation of reduced and functionalized graphene oxide (r-FGO) at ambient temperature and pressure is demonstrated by generating liquid plasma submerged in acetonitrile and graphene oxide solution. The partial restoration of conjugation (sp(2) domain) and insertion of fluorophores such as nitrile and amine in r-FGO displays enhanced fluorescence property.(More)
This study demonstrates a facile, mild and environmentally-friendly sustainable (soft processing) approach for the efficient electrochemical exfoliation of graphite using a sodium hydroxide/hydrogen peroxide/water (NaOH/H2O2/H2O) system that can produce high-quality, anodic few-layer graphene nanosheets in 95% yield at ambient reaction conditions. The(More)
This study reports the "continuous production" of high-quality, few-layer nitrogen-functionalized graphene nanosheets in aqueous solutions directly from graphite via a two-step method. The initial step utilizes our recently developed peroxide-mediated soft and green electrochemical exfoliation approach for the production of few-layer graphene nanosheets.(More)
Glow discharge polymerization is not well understood due to the rapid/complex reaction at the plasma/gas precursor interface. Plasma reaction in a submerged condition allows post-plasma-polymerization, leading to further polymer growth and thus a stable structure. Electron collision with acetonitrile at the interface initiates the formation of radical(More)
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