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An algorithm is presented for finding the <i>k</i> nearest neighbors in a spatial network in a best-first manner using network distance. The algorithm is based on precomputing the shortest paths between all possible vertices in the network and then making use of an encoding that takes advantage of the fact that the shortest paths from vertex <i>u</i> to all(More)
Twitter is an electronic medium that allows a large user populace to communicate with each other simultaneously. Inherent to Twitter is an asymmetrical relationship between friends and followers that provides an interesting social network like structure among the users of Twitter. Twitter messages, called tweets, are restricted to 140 characters and thus(More)
A framework for determining the shortest path and the distance between every pair of vertices on a spatial network is presented. The framework, termed SILC, uses <i>path coherence</i> between the shortest path and the spatial positions of vertices on the spatial network, thereby, resulting in an encoding that is compact in representation and fast in path(More)
The popularity of location-based services and the need to do real-time processing on them has led to an interest in performing queries on transportation networks, such as finding shortest paths and finding nearest neighbors. The challenge here is that the efficient execution of spatial operations usually involves the computation of distance along a spatial(More)
Multistore systems utilize multiple distinct data stores such as Hadoop's HDFS and an RDBMS for query processing by allowing a query to access data and computation in both stores. Current approaches to multistore query processing fail to achieve the full potential benefits of utilizing both systems due to the high cost of data movement and loading between(More)
News articles contain a wealth of implicit geographic content that if exposed to readers improves understanding of today's news. However, most articles are not explicitly geotagged with their geographic content, and few news aggregation systems expose this content to users. A new system named NewsStand is presented that collects, analyzes, and displays news(More)
STEWARD ("Spatio-Textual Extraction on the Web Aiding Retrieval of Documents"), a system for extracting, querying, and visualizing textual references to geographic locations in unstructured text documents, is presented. Methods for retrieving and processing web documents, extracting and disambiguating georeferences, and identifying geographic focus are(More)
A similarity join operation A BOWTIE<sub>epsiv</sub> B takes two sets of points A, B and a value epsiv isin Ropf, and outputs pairs of points p isin A,q isin B, such that the distance D(p, q) les epsiv. Similarity joins find use in a variety of fields, such as clustering, text mining, and multimedia databases. A novel similarity join algorithm called LSS is(More)