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A super-cyclone hit 12 coastal districts of Orissa in October 1999 and caused over 20,000 deaths and a considerable damage to property. The psychiatric sequelae of the super-cyclone was studied using a semi-structured proforma for disaster experience, Self Reporting Questionnaire, Impact of Event Scale, Post Traumatic Symptoms Scale, Hopelessness Scale,(More)
BACKGROUND Measures of EEG during ECT, for example, smaller post-seizure fractal dimension have predicted antidepressant response. The earlier study on this subject used bilateral ECT. This study aims to examine if this finding holds good even for unilateral ECT, using both fractal dimension and spectral power analysis of EEG. METHODS Fifty-one(More)
Sir, We read with interest the report on efficacy of electro convulsive therapy (ECT) in treatment resistant schizophrenia (Goswami et al 2003). A substantial proportion of patients with schizophrenia remain resistant to treatment. Hence a need for additional/alternative treatments in such situations is strongly felt by psychiatrists. Authors' effort to(More)
Western studies in the recent past have suggested that reducing the duration of untreated psychosis (DUP) is associated with better control of symptoms of schizophrenia. The present investigation attempts to assess the influence of duration of untreated psychosis and other predictors on the outcome of schizophrenia, six weeks after the treatment. Data of 45(More)
Compared to the literature on adult PTSD that on PTSD in children is sparse, and one cannot generalize the adult findings to children. Parents, teachers and even the mental health professionals' under-recognize prevalence of PTSD in children. Possibly, by the use of psychological mechanisms like denial, rationalization that children are too young to(More)
PRIORITY ISSUES IN FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY Sir, Forensic psychiatry is an emerging area of psychiatric specialization in the world. The last few decades have seen many important advances in the field of forensic psychiatry. These include the formulation of newer laws regulating the functioning of mental health care delivery systems, laws relating to the(More)
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