Jagadish Venkatraman

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In Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), struggling learners often seek help by posting questions in discussion forums. Unfortunately, given the large volume of discussion in MOOCs, instructors may overlook these learners’ posts, detrimentally impacting the learning process and exacerbating attrition. In this paper, we present YouEDU, an instructional aid(More)
In this work new data, models, and applications are presented of an ultra-low power, microfluidic device for use in integrated bio-microelectrofluidic systems (Bio-MEFS). The metal-insulator-solution transport (MIST) device is based on the high-speed manipulation of discrete droplets of analytes and reagents under voltage control, and is the MOSFET(More)
Distributed data systems can be exceptionally hard to get right. In this paper we present PartitionPy, a framework that can verify the correctness of distributed data systems in the presence of network partitions. PartitionPy can be used to test the correctness of writes in key value stores, pub-sub systems, distributed message queues and distributed(More)
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