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1 ABSTRACT The problem of separating variations due to natural and anthropogenic forcing from those due to unforced internal dynamics during the twentieth century is addressed using state-of-the-art climate simulations and observations. An unforced internal component that varies on multidecadal time scales is identified by a new statistical method that(More)
The heat wave affecting Europe during summer of 2003 is analyzed in detail with observational and reanalysis data. Surface, middle and upper troposphere analysis reveal particular circulation patterns related to an atmospheric blocking condition. In general seasonal anomalies, like this intense heat wave, are strongly related to boundary conditions.(More)
1983: Founded, Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere (COLA) (COLA is considered one of the premiere centers in the world for climate research) 1982: Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal of NASA (Highest medal given by NASA to a civilian) 1979: Chief Scientist, MONEX experiment in the Bay of Bengal (Leader of an expedition of three aircrafts and 150(More)
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