Jagadish H. Pujar

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Recent developments in Soft computing techniques, power electronic switches and low-cost computational hardware have made it possible to design and implement sophisticated control strategies for sensorless speed control of AC motor drives. Such an attempt has been made in this work, for Sensorless Speed Control of Induction Motor (IM) by means of Direct(More)
The need for an efficient technique for compression of Images ever increasing because the raw images need large amounts of disk space seems to be a big disadvantage during transmission & storage. Even though there are so many compression technique already present a better technique which is faster, memory efficient and simple surely suits the requirements(More)
Fuzzy Load forecasting plays a paramount role in the operation and management of power systems. Accurate estimation of future power demands for various lead times facilitates the task of generating power reliably and economically. The forecasting of future loads for a relatively large lead time (months to few years) is studied here (long term load(More)
In the past two decades, the technique of image processing has made its way into every aspect of today’s tech-savvy society. Its applications encompass a wide variety of specialized disciplines including medical imaging, machine vision, remote sensing and astronomy. Personal images captured by various digital cameras can easily be manipulated by a variety(More)
In this paper, an application of the fuzzy logic scheme for direct torque fuzzy control (DTFC) of an Induction Motor (IM) AC drive is proposed. The proposed DTFC is based on fuzzy logic technique switching table is described and compared with conventional direct torque control (DTC). The comparison with DTC shows that the use of the DTFC reduces the torque,(More)
smoothing followed by edge detection assumes a great degree of importance in the field of Image Processing. In this regard, this paper proposes a novel algorithm for medical image segmentation based on vigorous smoothening by identifying the type of noise and edge diction ideology which seems to be a boom in medical image diagnosis. The main objective of(More)