Jagadesh Venkatesh

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One of the most challenging issues for a selfsustaining robotic system is how to use its limited resources to accomplish a large variety of tasks. The scope of such tasks could include transportation, exploration, construction, inspection, maintenance, in-situ resource utilization, and support for astronauts. This paper proposes a modular and reconfigurable(More)
This paper presents a modular and reconfigurable robot for multiple locomotion modes based on reconfigurable modules. Each mode consists of characteristics for the environment type, speed, turning-ability, energy-efficiency, and recover ability from failures. The paper demonstrates this solution by the Superbot robot that combines advantages from MTRAN,(More)
The role of liquid membrane phenomenon has been studied in the anti bacterial activity of cephalosporins i.e. Cefuroxime sodium. In our earlier publication [1] it was reported that hydraulic permeability data obtained to demonstrate the existence of liquid membrane in series with supporting membrane generated by Cefuroxime sodium. Transport of selected(More)
In this paper control algorithm for a three phase hybrid power filter is proposed. It is constituted by a series active filter and a passive filter connected in parallel with the load. The control strategy is based on the vectorial theory dual formulation of instantaneous reactive power, so that the voltage waveform injected by the active filter is able to(More)
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