Jagadeesh Gokhale

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This study examines life insurance adequacy among married American couples approaching retirement based on the 1992 Health and Retirement Survey with matched Social Security earnings histories. It evaluates each household’s life insurance needs based on new financial planning software that embodies a life-cycle-planning model and covers a broad array of(More)
This paper develops, calibrates, and simulates a dynamic 88-period OLG model to study the intergenerational transmission of U.S. wealth inequality via bequests. The model features marriage, realistic fertility patterns, random death, assortative mating based on skills, heterogeneous skill endowments, heterogeneous rates of return, skill inheritability,(More)
by Jagadeesh Gokhale, Benjamin R. Page, and John R. Sturrock Jagadeesh Gokhale is an economic advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and Benjamin R. Page and John R. Sturrock are economic analysts at the Congressional Budget Office. The authors thank Robert Kilpatrick and Laurence Kotlikoff for helpful discussions. This article is reprinted, with(More)
This paper constructs a unique cohort data set to study the changes since 1960 in the share of Americans' resources that are annuitized. Understanding these changes is important because the larger this share, the more cohorts are likely to consume and the less they are likely to bequeath. Hence, the degree of annuitization affects national saving as well as(More)
A platform for intimate integration of high-f nitride (GaN) micromechanical resonators high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) the first time, cascade of a two-port GaN bu nator and AlGaN/GaN HEMT was co-fabric substrate. A high quality factor (Q) of 7413 GaN contour-mode resonator at the resonan 119.8 MHz. More than 30 dB of signal tuni by using(More)
by Robert B. Avery, Patricia E. Beeson, and Mark S. Sniderman Robert B. Avery is an associate professor in the Department of Consumer Economics and Housing, Cornell University, and Patricia E. Beeson is an associate professor of economics at the University of Pittsburgh; both are visiting scholars at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. MarkS. Sniderman(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether two different multiphasic implants could initiate and sustain repair of osteochondral defects in rabbits. The implants address the malleable properties of cartilage while also addressing the rigid characteristics of subchondral bone. DESIGN The bone region of both devices consisted of D, D-L, L-polylactic acid invested(More)
Working papers of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland are preliminary materials circulated to stimulate discussion and critical comment on research in progress. They may not have been subject to the formal editorial review accorded official Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland publications. The views stated herein are those of the authors and are not(More)
by Jagadeesh Gokhale and Bernd Raffelhüschen Jagadeesh Gokhale is an economic advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland; Bernd Raffelhüschen is a professor of economics at the University of Freiburg. The authors thank David Altig, Mark Sniderman, and an anonymous referee for helpful comments and Carl Gjersem for providing the calculations for Norway.(More)