Jafreezal Jaafar

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The vision of the MDSD is an era of software engineering where modelling completely replaces programming i.e. the systems are entirely generated from high-level models, each one specifying a different view of the same system. The MDSD can be seen as the new generation of visual programming languages which provides methods and tools to streamline the process(More)
Mel Frequency Ceptral Coefficient is a very common and efficient technique for signal processing. This paper presents a new purpose of working with MFCC by using it for Hand gesture recognition. The objective of using MFCC for hand gesture recognition is to explore the utility of the MFCC for image processing. Till now it has been used in speech(More)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on Web Services technology gained popularity because business work flows can easily be executed as an orchestration of Web Services. These Web Services are independently developed and may be internal or external. With increase in connectivity among the Web Services, security risks rise exponentially. Moreover the(More)
This paper presents an action selection method using fuzzy logic. The objective is to solve behaviour conflict in behaviour-based architectures for virtual agent navigation in unknown virtual environments. Two main problems have been identified: how to decide which behaviour should be activated at each instant; and how to combine the results from different(More)
This paper presents a solution for the behavioural animation of autonomous virtual agent navigation in virtual environments. We focus on developing a fuzzy controller to control and coordinate navigation behaviour. Two behaviours are considered: goal seeking and obstacle avoidance. Two main problems have been identified. These are: how to decide which(More)
Clustering has been proposed in numerous researches on web services due to its ability in enhancing computational efficiency. The objective of this paper is to present a review on web services clustering and to propose fuzzy clustering of web services’ based on quality of service (QoS). A total of 49 manuscripts, collected from ISI, SCOPUS and Google(More)
Modern mobile phone applications offer much support to various age group users. Unfortunately, there are still issues with the interfaces in terms of its learnability. Many users find it hard to learn and use the modern mobile phone application interfaces. Despite a lot of ongoing research examining the mobile phone applications interfaces learnability(More)
Monitoring Quality of Service (QoS) compliance is an important procedure in web service environment. It determines whether users’ expectations are met, and becomes the vital factor for them to decide whether to continue paying for the service or not. The monitoring is performed by checking the actual services performance against the QoS stated in Service(More)