Jaffer Mohiddin Gooty

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The competence of two fungal isolates for degrading petroleum hydrocarbons was evaluated. The filamentous fungi were isolated from a crude oil-contaminated soil in northeastern Ecuador, and were 99 %-100 % similar in 18S rDNA sequence to the genus Geomyces. Their efficiencies of degradation were tested in vitro for 30 days, using medium and soil microcosm.(More)
Fusarium sp. and Capnodium sp. are phytopathogen fungi causing scab and sooty mold in Alpinia purpurata and Heliconia wagneriana, economically important tropical flowers for farmers in the area of Concordia, Ecuador. They constitute a threat to their high occurrence on stems, foliage, and flowers, mostly influenced by environmental factors. In the present(More)
The release of heavy metals in to the aquatic environment causes water pollution problems because of their toxicity, persistence and bioaccumulation. Lead has no known role to play in the human body that is physiologically relevant, and its harmful effects are myriad. Lead from the atmosphere and soil ends up in water bodies thus affecting the aquatic(More)
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