Jaffar Ahmad Alalwan

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Enterprise content management (ECM) systems help firms deal with the increasing amounts and complexity of structured and unstructured organizational data. However the ECM literature shows that many organizations focus on the short-term benefits of ECM while the potential strategic decision-making benefits are rarely considered. Therefore, the objective of(More)
Enterprise content management (ECM) systems help organizations cope with the increasing complexity and volume of data and information. Despite the growing popularity of ECM, published literature indicates that organizations primarily use ECM for operational benefits, while the strategic decision making capabilities are rarely considered. Thus, the most(More)
Enterprise systems development approaches can be classified into development-centric and procurement centric approaches. Based on the component-based system development methodology (CBSD), this chapter proposes a procurement-centric framework to develop enterprise content management (ECM) system. Adopting CBSD to develop ECM system avoids the drawbacks of(More)
Organizations seek to improve their records management (RM) system to have better efficiency and to meet legislative requirements. For achieving these two goals, evaluation of RM, which is normally done manually, is a necessity for every firm. In this paper, we design and evaluate an ontology that will help in evaluating RM systems. Building the ontology(More)
The proliferation of e-services has initiated several concerns for consumers regarding trust, security, and privacy that make consumers hesitant to use e-services. Although the influence of trust, security, and privacy on the continuance of e-services use is highlighted in literature, there is scarcity in research that investigates the influence of the(More)
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