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—Electro-mechanical batteries have important advantages as compared with chemical batteries, especially in low earth orbit satellites applications. High speed slotless external rotor permanent magnet machines are used in these systems as Motor/Generator. Proper material and structure for space applications are introduced. A simplified analytic design method(More)
The development in the technology of power semiconductors results in their application in FACTS devices, static switches, hybrid switches, HVDC, and high power converters. Since the nominal current of such devices does not satisfy high power applications, in order to increase the current ratings, switches should be paralleled. In this paper, the behavior of(More)
Reliability plays an important role in power electronic systems by which the number of system failures, repair costs, guarantee and etc are estimated. In this paper first, a boost power factor correction (PFC) converter is simulated in discontinues conduction mode (DCM) and continuous conduction mode (CCM) under different output power ratings. For these(More)
This paper presents an interleaved active-clamping zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) forward-flyback converter without an output choke. The presented topology has two active-clamping circuits with two separated transformers. Because of the interleaved operation of the converter, the output current ripple will be reduced. The proposed converter can approximately(More)
This paper presents an optimum direct thrust force control for interior permanent magnet linear synchronous motor (PMLSM) over wide velocity range in which the maximum thrust force per ampere (MTPA) strategy is used below the base velocity and field weakening strategy is used above the base velocity. Using MTPA strategy, copper losses is minimized in(More)
Shareware softwares such as advanced vehicle simulator have extensively been used to simulate and design electric and hybrid vehicles. However, that software can only model the steady-state mode, and one can not see the dynamic performance of electric motors in the simulation. On the other hand, the switched reluctance motor model hasn't been seen in the(More)
With increasing population and power consumption, new power generation units should connect to the network, that they'll lead to increase level of network short circuit. Considering the increasing level of short circuit, new circuit breakers should be replaced by higher capacity. But this solution imposes exorbitant costs to the power system operator and(More)
This paper presents a cascaded coil flux control based on a Current Source Parallel Resonant Push-Pull Inverter (CSPRPI) for Induction Heating (IH) applications. The most important problems associated with current source parallel resonant inverters are start-up problems and the variable response of IH systems under load variations. This paper proposes a(More)