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—Electro-mechanical batteries have important advantages as compared with chemical batteries, especially in low earth orbit satellites applications. High speed slotless external rotor permanent magnet machines are used in these systems as Motor/Generator. Proper material and structure for space applications are introduced. A simplified analytic design method(More)
This paper presents an interleaved active-clamping zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) forward-flyback converter without an output choke. The presented topology has two active-clamping circuits with two separated transformers. Because of the interleaved operation of the converter, the output current ripple will be reduced. The proposed converter can approximately(More)
This paper presents a cascaded coil flux control based on a Current Source Parallel Resonant Push-Pull Inverter (CSPRPI) for Induction Heating (IH) applications. The most important problems associated with current source parallel resonant inverters are start-up problems and the variable response of IH systems under load variations. This paper proposes a(More)
Recent advances in Electric Power Steering technology have promised significant improvements in vehicle handling performance and safety. Electric power steering is a new kind of power steering which is developing rapidly these years due to their superior energy efficiency and energy conservation. This paper presents a possible design solution of an electric(More)
One of the most important challenges of distributed generation (DG) development in distribution systems is their protection. It is necessary to have a scheme for keeping the protection settings unchanged. In this paper, adverse impacts of the inverter based distributed generation (IBDG) are evaluated, and an algorithm is proposed to limit the fault current,(More)
This paper presents the method of reducing torque ripple of brushless DC (BLDC) motor. The commutation torque ripple is reduced by control of the DC link voltage during the commutation time. The magnitude of voltage and commutation time is estimated by a neural network and optimized with an optimization method named particle swarm optimization (PSO)(More)
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