Jafar M. H. Ali

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Extensive amounts of knowledge and data stored in medical databases require the development of specialized tools for storing, accessing, analysis, and effectiveness usage of stored knowledge and data. Intelligent methods such as neural networks, fuzzy sets, decision trees, and expert systems are, slowly but steadily, applied in the medical fields. Recently,(More)
In this paper, efficient biometric security techniques for iris recognition system with high performance and high confidence are described. The system is based on an empirical analysis of the iris image and it is split in several steps using local image properties. The system steps are capturing iris patterns; determine the location of the iris boundaries;(More)
The proximate and mineral compositions of Prosopis africana seeds used in the preparation of a local condiment in Nigeria and as animal feed were investigated. The proximate analysis showed that protein, ash and fiber values were comparable to Parkia africana seeds. However, the crude lipid content was lower than Parkia filicoidea seeds and decorticated(More)
This paper presents and develops an automated algorithm for segmenting speculated masses of the mammogram images based on pulse coupled neural networks (PCNN) in conjunction with fuzzy set theory. Mammogram image segmentation has proven to be a difficult task due to the low contrast between normal and malignant glandular tissues and the noise in such images(More)
Breast cancer represents the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women today and it is the most common type of cancer in women. This paper presents an efficient classification algorithm in digital mammograms in the context of rough set theory. Feature extractions acquired in this work are derived from the gray-level co-occurrence matrix. The features(More)
Nowadays breast cancer is one of the major causes of death among women. This shows an early diagnostic techniques is critical for women's quality of life. Mammography is the main test used for screening and early diagnosis of breast cancer. Since micro calcifications are space-occupying lesions, described by their shapes, margins etc several image processing