Jafar Jamshidi

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Indoor GPS (iGPS) is a newly developed laser based measuring system for large scale metrology. The relative portability, reconfigurability and ease of installation make the iGPS suitable for many industries manufacturing large scale products. The system performance depends on both the components characteristics and their physical configuration. Hence, an(More)
This paper details a method of determining the uncertainty of dimensional measurement for a three dimensional coordinate measurement machine. An experimental procedure was developed to compare three dimensional coordinate measurements with calibrated reference points. The reference standard used to calibrate these reference points was a fringe counting(More)
Dimensional and form inspections are key to the manufacturing and assembly of products. Product verification can involve a number of different measuring instruments operated using their dedicated software. Typically, each of these instruments with their associated software is in fact more suitable for the verification of a pre-specified quality(More)
This paper details work carried out to verify the dimensional measurement performance of the Indoor GPS (iGPS) system; a network of Rotary-Laser Automatic Theodolites (R-LATs). Initially tests were carried out to determine the angular uncertainties on an individual R-LAT transmitter-receiver pair. A method is presented of determining the uncertainty of(More)
Special Issue on Digital Enterprise Technology Dr Jafar Jamshidi , Dr Aydin Nassehi & Professor Paul G. Maropolous To cite this article: Dr Jafar Jamshidi , Dr Aydin Nassehi & Professor Paul G. Maropolous (2009) Special Issue on Digital Enterprise Technology, International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 22:11, 999-999, DOI:(More)
Today portfolios play key role to improve learning quality. As well as e-portfolio improves learning quality it can supports students to have better job opportunities. The aim of this paper is to analyze e-portfolios effects and its advantages for technical institute students to have better job opportunities after graduation; furthermore technical(More)
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