Jafar Husain

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The Drosophila protein Groucho is involved in the regulation of cell-determination events during insect neurogenesis and segmentation. A group of mammalian proteins, referred to as transducin-like Enhancer of split (TLE) 1 through 4, share with Groucho identical structures and molecular properties. The aim was to determine whether individual TLE proteins(More)
Oligodendrocyte precursors and astrocytes in 2-week-old rat primary glial cultures survived 24 h of anoxia, suggesting both cell types could survive using glycolysis for ATP synthesis; however, when the hypoxia developed gradually, the majority of oligodendrocyte precursor cells died within 24 h of the beginning of the experiment but astrocytes survived.(More)
Although 6 h of exposure to 41 degrees C did not affect the viability of oligodendrocyte precursors in culture, a 2-h exposure to 42 degrees C caused them to die. In contrast, astrocytes could tolerate 42 degrees C for at least 6 h. There was an increase in lipid peroxidation following the 42 degrees C insult, particularly in the oligodendrocyte precursors.(More)
  • S P Wood, I J Tickle, A M Treharne, J E Pitts, Y Mascarenhas, J Y Li +4 others
  • 1986
Two crystal structures of deamino-oxytocin have been determined at better than 1.1A resolution from isomorphous replacement and anomalous scattering x-ray measurements. In each of two crystal forms there are two closely related conformers with disulfide bridges of different chirality, which may be important in receptor recognition and activation.
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