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Two different distributions may have equal Rényi entropy; thus a distribution cannot be identified by its Rényi entropy. In this paper, we explore properties of the Rényi entropy of order statistics. Several characterizations are established based on the Rényi entropy of order statistics and record values. These include characterizations of a distribution(More)
Genetic erosion in cultivated wheat provides a good reason for studying genetic diversity in crop wild relatives. In the present study, genetic diversity of 32 accessions belonging to T. boeoticum species collected from different parts of Iran were evaluated using 13 morphological traits as well as ten inter-simple sequence repeat primers. Statistical(More)
We consider dynamic versions of the mutual information of lifetime distributions, with focus on past lifetimes, residual lifetimes and mixed lifetimes evaluated at different instants. This allows to study multicomponent systems, by measuring the dependence in conditional lifetimes of two components having possibly different ages. We provide some bounds, and(More)
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